Saturday, October 08, 2005

I have a confession to make...

My brother's birthday socks (which are now for Christmas) have been stalled and on the back burner. I was so afraid that they were too small. I finally picked them back up and got them to a point where Casey can try them on and he says they fit fine - so... Off I go again on the socks. I am going to need more yarn though so I'll have to find that, but just knowing that all the effort isn't a waste and that the socks will fit when finished has renewed my knitting spirit and I'm on my way to finished with sock #1.

I finished the fingerless mitts yesterday and they are very cute. I'll probably make one more pair for my SIL and that's one more name marked off the Christmas list. Wow - at this rate I should be finished with Christmas 2005 gifts in about March of 2006.

The shop looks so nice and we are STILL getting in new yarns everyday. Nashua yarns came in and are GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to make a felted bag with LOTS of novelty yarns and the new striping wools.

After Christmas I am going to make myself a sweater. Yes indeed a sweater for me. I got the yarn today (it's been on BO FOREVER!!!) Cascade Sierra in lime color #10. I am going to make Chris Bylsma's MidSummer's Aran Sweater and make it a little longer. I LOVE this pattern and can't wait to work on it, but I must get Christmas out of the way before I begin.

Hopefully the socks for Bro (pending yarn hunt) will be finished by next weekend and I cna move on to some new socks. These have all but broken my will to knit socks. Next I'm going to learn to knit socks on 2 circs so I can teach it at the shop. I LOVE my dpns, but people want the 2-circs method so I'll give it a go. Which is your favorite?

Time to knit while the house is quiet for a while.

I'll keep you posted!


stephanie said...

I'm partial to the 2 circ method, but you knew that. It's not really fair, though. I've only tried the DPNs for socks the one time (same w/circs). I think if they'd been toe up, I might have liked them better. But it is easier not to lose a needle on the circs.

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