Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Today's List

Oh The lists get longer and longer and the errands greater and greater (I often HATE errands) as I prep for travel in my near future.

Today looks like this:
  • Trim Bind and Wash Anna's Flannel Quilt (I finally finished the quilting)
  • Hope that Fabric for dresden plates gets delivered (and hope I ordered the correct colors - if not - oh well) I really want to finish these.
  • Buy Fabric for Bonnie Hunter Jamestown Landing workshop
  • Pick up a new bobbin case for my Pfaff (blerg!)
  • Prep handwork for upcoming travel
  • Take Kids to classes
  • Pick Kids UP from said classes (this is the part I have to set an alarm for)
  • Register kids for MORE classes
  • Bank
  • Bills
  • Anna's Haircut
  • And the usual - Laundry, dinner, dishes, etc...

Goodness I'm tired just writing it down.  I better get off the computer and get to it!

Oh and a funny:
That's my poofy cat (PC) in Alessia's carrier.  Don't worry, Lessie isn't in there.

I'll keep you posted!


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Hitchhikergal said...

We were tempted to take PC home!