Friday, February 01, 2013

A Patchwork Kind if Girl?

I am a patchwork kind of girl.  

I am NOT an applique kind of girl.

I love cutting and piecing and joining the seams and the finished look and utility of patchwork.  

Patchwork quilts are friendly and relaxed - comfortable, warm, and down-home, while appliqué quilts (especially those haughty Baltimore girls) seem formal and uptight, staid and even a bit snobby (humorous reference only to the quilt's personality NOT the makers').  Oh appliqué quilts are beautiful - NO DOUBT, they are true works of fine craftsmanship and dedication - but if I threw someones Baltimore Album quilt (click the link for an example)on the ground for our picnic people would


For the entirety of my long and illustrious quilting career I have avoided appliqué.  Besides the formality of most appliqué work, the idea of all the pieces shifting around or working around pins - YUCK!  Except, I NEEDED to appliqué these dresden plates.  What ever should I do?


Yes, glue.  Specifically temporary water washable appliqué specific glue (I know I can also use elmer's washable and it's not $9.00/tiny bottle but I bought this BEFORE I knew...).   I tried it.  It works. See:

After stitching and removing glue basting

After stitching and removing glue basting

  I LOVE it! 

close up of tiny stitches

I might have a problem.  I seem to be looking for things to hand appliqué.  Alas, this patchwork girl might have to broaden my horizons.

On the Finish Along Front:

It seems like I should have more marked off my list.  I've been working and sewing and cutting and pressing...  but not finishing much.

Many of my projects are 'on the cusp' of finished - right there on the verge - like teenagers - chomping at the bit to be out the door, but not quite ready.

I feel February will be a month of MANY finishes!

I'll keep you posted!

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