Friday, January 04, 2013

I've Got Nothing...

I tried for a clever post title, but it's very late and I'm all out of creative juice.  I'm busy sewing this week and not at the computer as much.

The final instructions for Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street are posted and it's quite a dynamic quilt.  I know I'm going to love my color choices in the completed project.  I'm not finished with mine as I've been taking Anna back and forth to Horseback Riding Camp everyday this week so drive time is taking a HUGE chunk out of my sewing time.  It's worth it as Anna is LOVING camp.

I finished sewing a flannel quilt for Toby and am now taking ibuprofen for my sore wrists & elbows (I need a higher/better chair).

I began sewing the pinkest quilt I've ever seen for a special small friend and I hope she loves it when it's finished.

I'm working on about a dozen things at the moment and feeling more than a bit frenzied.  I have 6 quilts ready to baste (I HATE BASTING - more than I hate purling) and quilt - a BIG pile up.  My friend Pam's tolerance for 'pile up' is 2 - she's motivated and driven and must have a better basting method than I.  Pam hosts the Hip to Be a Square Podcast. - Check it out when you get a chance.  She makes me laugh and I think she'll make you laugh too.

I'll have pictures after the weekend - and more to tell about my plans for the new year.

I'll keep you posted!


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Pam said...

GAH. I hate pile-ups! I'm going to have a mega pile up when I finish Easy Street because I'll be so sick of looking at it I won't feel like quilting it!