Sunday, December 04, 2011

Heaps of Grace

I am extraordinarily hard on myself.  It's only now that I realize (mostly) that my standards for myself (which I constantly fall short of) are, in fact, impossibly high. 

I begin to remedy this constant feeling of failure with much prayer and heaps of grace bestowed to myself.  It isn't easy after 38 years of constant practice, but I am beginning and you know what I find?  I find JOY.

So I encourage each of you to allow YOURSELF heaps of grace - especially during THIS season.  Please try and remember that Christmas is about Christ and love and hope and GRACE.  The rest of it - the gifts and the mall and the parties and the obligations are all contrived; not real.  In the long run the contrived bits are not even important and they certainly are not CRITICAL - regardless of what stores lead you to believe.

This Christmas and in life don't be fooled - love and grace for others and maybe most importantly for ourselves are the things that are critical.

I'll keep you posted!


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