Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Slowly - that's the mantra I keep repeating to myself.

I am working hard at keeping a slower pace these days.  Working at letting things go.  Working at being reasonable with my expectations.  Working at looking at what I have done instead of what's left to do.

I have to work at remembering that life is about moments; when I stay so busy and focused on the "To Do" list I miss those moments.   I am such a Martha.

Not Casey - he's a Mary.  He's always aware of the fun and joy of life and he's right in the middle of it most times.  I am learning to follow his lead.

Dishes and chores will wait.

This won't:



Remember to take things slowly this week.  It is NOT easy in a world that wants everything to be RIGHT NOW, but your life is worth it. YOU are worth it, so am I!

I'll keep you posted!



Grumpy said...

I can related. I was told my oldest didn't fit in to a group today because she still enjoyed something the other kids got over 2-3 yrs ago! And as a result they felt she was baby-ish. The person who told me this suggested it was because she hung out with a 2 and 5 yr old all day. I told her it was nothing to do with that, but more that she enjoyed the creativity of the "toy" she was playing with and that was life.

I'm not gonna rush her through life and tell her to stop doing stuff because others do. She's enjoying the flower garden and will move on to the weed patch when she is good and ready!

Today, I feel like we are forced to grow up too fast. Become weeds in the garden. Maybe if we took a while longer to admire how slowly the truly beautiful things in life grow we wouldn't be in such a rush.

The to do list forever gets longer. But like the old saying the kids don't stop growing while we work on our to do list.

I too am working on a slower pace in life!

Cathy said...

Just came across your blog through ravelry. From one Martha to another - thanks for this post. I'm going to do just that.