Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thank You and Hats...


to all who commented or wrote personally to send me love and prayers.  It means so much - truly.
I am doing well and remembering that I can only do one thing at a time and THAT'S OK.

Now on to hats.

Earlier this summer my nephew Riley was diagnosed with Leukemia.  He is 5 years old.  He's been going through Chemo and as such has lost his hair. 

I am participating in a team project over on Ravelry called Nerd Wars (geekery and knitting fun combined).  As part of the challenge I have committed to making 12 hats for Riley and his friends going through Chemo.

I have also committed to requesting donations from my knitting friends for at least 8 more hats.  I'd love for all of you the help me blow that number out of the water.


The deadline of having the hats to me is 12/15/2011

The hats need to be kid sized (any pattern - the sillier the better) and made of very soft MACHINE WASHABLE yarn.
IMPORTANT: These hat must come from healthy, non-smoking homes. These children are immuno-compromised and must be protected from all germs and contaminates; what might be the sniffles to you is life-threatening to them.

Please leave me a comment or email me directly for more information and most of all Go Make Some Hats!

Thanks again guys - you ARE the best!

I'll keep you posted!



Cat-Eyes MD said...

AWESOME! I may be able to assist with this, but can the hats be crocheted or must they be knitted?

Grumpy said...

Do you have a pattern that you like (or he likes) and a yarn preference? I mean what is soft to me might not be soft enough!