Monday, February 16, 2009

She Crafts - She Just Doesn't Post

Don't worry little blog - I have NOT forgotten you. I am just exploring my options. OK - I'm using Facebook - a little - not much - it's just so quick and easy.

I was telling my friend Angela (as we've fallen off the email wagon) that Facebook:email as email:letter writing. While I'm sure she is terribly impressed with my SAT style analogy, we agree that it's funny in a "sad but true" kind of way.

I'm busy and having fun and here's some photographic evidence - CRAFTY photos - (I don't post those other kind)

Crafty 2009

I'll keep you posted!



Grumpy said...

Very yummy crafty goodness. Taking up needle point and embroidery?!

Question... do you have recommendations for a soft sock yarn.

Angela said...

Ha! If only you wrote the SAT questions, maybe I would have done better. I love, love, love the little girl on the fourth row, first square. Lots of crafty goodness!

Wendy said...

Facebook can totally be the endless black pit of procrastination - glad to see your still getting so much craftiness done!