Monday, November 10, 2008

Mimi is my Angel

This weekend Casey and I had the rare opportunity (first time in 8 years) to get away for a weekend alone because Mimi, my SIL, came to watch the kids and pets for us.

I struggled with the decision to go. "Where to go? Where to stay?, Can we really afford it?" thoughts like those. Why is it so hard to take time out and enjoy life - EVEN if it means the credit card won't be paid off for an extra month. I'll tell you - this weekend was needed - more than we realized before we left. Time away and alone is a wonderful gift. Mimi is officially our Angel!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Fall finally arrived here in the south and the trees and weather are just gorgeous. We had a wonderful time in Birmingham, AL.

I'd share pictures, but we didn't take any!

Angela - Sam says hello to you and Ray and sends his love (awesome sandwich - thanks!).

I'll keep you posted!


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Angela said...

Ha! I'm glad y'all tried Fat Sam's. He's probably the main reason I gained the classic freshman 15.