Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

The Homeschool Helpers Edition:

This week I've got helpers in the kitchen. The kids are helping from the menu planning to the preparation and clean up. It's a lesson for all of us. The kids will practice their kitchen skills (they help out fairly often) and I will practice my patience (I don't like help in my kitchen whilst cooking). I can't wait to report back next week on the results. Pray for me (really) as I enter a week of shared control which I find REALLY difficult.

The Menu:
Monday: Chopped steak, glazed carrots, peas & rice
(the children will chop carrots, measuring rice, working the microwave, and seasoning the steaks)

Tuesday: Chicken Noodle Soup with green salad & applesauce
(the children will chop carrots and celery, add pasta, season soup, make the salads, and help brown the chicken)

Wednesday: Beans and Ham with cornbread, fruit, and carrot sticks
(the children will sort and soak the beans, measure and make the cornbread, and help chop carrots)

Thursday: Tacos with fruit
(the children will grate cheese, tear lettuce, help brown the meat, and chop olives)

Friday: Make your own pizza night, with fruit and carrot sticks
(the children will grate cheese, and assemble their own pizzas)

Saturday we'll probably go out and for lunches all week we'll have sandwiches or leftovers each day.

It's an adventure everyday right?

Forget luck, wish me patience! Please explore many more fabulous menus HERE.

I'll keep you posted!



Grumpy said...

Good luck, much patience, can't wait to hear the results...

kirsten said...

that is such a good idea to PLAN on your kids helping. i hope it works out!