Monday, April 03, 2006

Photos & More

Hi! Back from the outburst of the weekend and here on a beautiful sunny day looking forward to the week. I just added a flickr badge with my stash photos on it in my sidebar - click on there to see my stash - ok well most - well some of my stash.

I didn't feel it necessary to (admit to) photograph the two very large bins of redheart and various acrylic yarn that I have for crocheting afghans - when you're making and afghan for a kid believe me - it's going to be acrylic. Also I'm finding yarn all over the house. I keep going "wait I didn't get a picture" - I think some things are better left undocumented don't you agree?

I also need to post all the red/pink knitting I did for project spectrum - we're on to April and yellow & Orange - really? Yellow & Orange? Hmmm - maybe something for Toby - hey his orange sweater that's on the UFO list over there might get it. I'll come up with something.

Have I told you lately that I have/had the best secret pal EVER!!!! I'm afraid that she might have led me to the dark side though. April - sent me not one but TWO drop spindles and the most beautiful navy/multi wool roving ever - along with directions of course! THANK YOU APRIL!!! I'll get photos up soon I promise!

I've been looking at the flash your stash photos of others (BTW my honey thinks that phrase is entirely wasted on yarn and should refer to something much more fun - for him) and while yeah I have alot of yarn - I am not alone. I just wish my storage area was as pretty as this

Oh well you can't have it all I suppose - if you did where would you put it?

I'll have more photos of fun stuff tomorrow!

I'll keep you posted!


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