Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Nothing Feels Like Ephedra"

Are all of you getting those in your inbox too? Junk email is such a pain!

I'm back - we spent Easter weekend in TN - Friday in Knoxville spending the day with my Mom's side of the family and Saturday and Sunday in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. It was bittersweet as we were there to memorialize my Mom so parts of it were really hard - especially for my Daddy. We had a good time overall.

Camel Pony
The Sign Rock Hopping
Family My Kiddos
These are some pictures of the weekend. The ponies and the camel were outside our hotel and leave it to my Anna to spot the camel. For an entire day she wanted to ride a camel and we had no idea what she was talking about - then she said - in all the 5-year old wisdom she could muster - "See - right there. I TOLD you there was a camel." - So a camel ride it was. I didn't get much knitting done and being with the entire family I didn't get to search out knitting shops on the trip, but I did finish two little kercheif scarves that I'll photograph tonight at the shop.

Tonigh is knit night and I'm very excited. I was at a baseball game last week which was FUN!!! But I've been out of the shop for nearly a week and I miss it.

I'll keep you posted!



stephanie said...

are you still working the shop?

Lolly said...

Great pics! I have been there several times and it is always lovely. Never saw a camel there though, so consider yourself lucky! :)