Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"I Know You. You on List"

I LOVE lists: They keep my mind clear and I feel empowered when I mark things off.

The UFO's or WIPs or whatever you choose to call those lingering projects most of us have are getting to me in a BIG way lately.

Unfinished business is holding me back from starting new things as well as having the actual finished project to use.

So I made THE LIST: A master list of projects I have started.

It's LONG.

Really LONG.



  • Qiviut/Silk Scarf
  • Casey's Blue & Gray Socks
  • Anna's Gray Jumper
  • Advent Trees
  • Green Irish Folk Shawl
  • Michael's Gray Socks
  • February Lady Sweater (yes from the Knitwits KAL)
  • Liesl
  • Crocheted Washcloths (many)
  • Crocheted Afghan
  • Blocking and Photographing
  • Send Mitts to Nancy's Friend


  • Dragonfly Cross Stitch
  • Anna's Seasonal Girls


  • Eric Carle Yarn
  • Jackson Pollack Core Spun
  • Merino Tencel Basic Yarn
  • Ply Toby's SW Merino
  • Yellow Spindle Spun
  • Have 2 fleeces processed
  • Wash and Set all Finished Yarns


  • Anna Maria Quilt
  • Madras Quilt
  • Floral Quilt (Connie)
  • Floral Quilt (Anna)
  • Origami Bags
  • Tiny Totes
  • Zippered Pouches
  • Coasters (many)
  • Fabric Apples
  • Mending
  • Kauffman Quilt
  • Basic Gray Hexies
  • Yo-Yo Flower Quilt
  • Curtains Pressed and Hung
  • Toby's Curtains Embellished and hung
That's a whopping 36 projects.

Before I actually WROTE the list (while it was still in my head and about 12 projects long) I had an insane idea of finishing everything by the end of August.  After my friends laughed themselves silly (I know - you're laughing now too -it's OK) I agree that idea IS in fact - insane!

I scaled back my intentions (a bit) and am making it a game to see how many UFO's I can finish in the next six weeks.

Any takers on how many I'll actually finish?  Leave a comment with your guess and when all is said and done I'll give a prize to the person who is closest.  

I'll keep track of progress here and announce the winner Sept 1, 2011.  Just for fairness I'll only consider comments posted between now and Saturday July 30.  You can still heckle me all you want after that, but it won't count as a contest entry.

I'm going to get to work now.

I'll keep you posted!



Jasmin said...

You will finish as many as you finish. There's your bit of Zen for the day. ;)

laurie said...

I bet you can do 25.

anunmaker said...

I have 3 weeks before school starts and I have 3 quilts and curtains for an RV to make. one of the quilts is almost done. the other 2 have to be cut....and I yet to even have a glimpse of the RV that needs curtains!

Trish C said...

Followed back from your sweet email... I'm going to blindly guess, 16!