Monday, November 26, 2007

Hairy Christmas and a Crappy New Year!

Can you say "FUNK" boys and girls? Well the blogless wonder that I've been since - oh - AUGUST knows the word all too well. No single cause for the downturn - lots of things piling up until there is such an emotional mountain of CRAP I can't see daylight. Thanks Andrea for putting up with me and helping me through EVERYDAY - wouldn't make it without you.

New Blog I'm reading, Creative Little Daisy, says it well HERE with a tirade that I found WAY too familiar yet strangely comforting.

After a major meltdown last week (Thanksgiving STILL sucks w/o Mom) the fog is beginning to lift - some. Pair the meltdown with purging about 40 metric-tons of CRAP (really good stuff, but CRAP in my life right now) - mostly from the craftroom - THANK YOU AMY N and AADD - and the light at the end of the tunnel is looking a little less like an oncoming train.

On the other hand - Christmas is completely finished and almost totally wrapped. I have a few giftcards to order from my bank, but that's the last of it. Thank goodness for the internet, Toys R Us, and REALLY good planning. Now will the tree get put up - eh! Eventually.

I'll keep you posted!


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