Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Guys I've been listening to podcasts like mad (again) and want to send out some links to those I am enjoying most. Some of these are new and lots of fun - I like the new perspectives about life and about knitting/fiberarts in general.

Sharon of She-Knits
is fun and funny. I LOVE her "stream-of-consciousness" approach that feels like she's right next to you sharing a coffee. Sharon is a self-proclaimed "felted purse-a-holic" and WOW does she make some pretty bags. Check her out and give her a listen.

Marly of Yarn Thing
is completely adorable! She's fun a quirky and exactly the kind of friend you'd love to bop around to yarn shops with. Her sweet laughter always makes me feel good. Give her a listen as well - tell me what you think.

Jenny & Nicole from Stash n Burn
crack me up and also get me stash-diving (thanks for that). They also make me feel GREAT about using my Bond sweater machine to help me crank through the (rather formidable) stash. WooHoo!

Also - Kelly from Knitpicks is charming and sincere. Kelly also talks about spinning and that's always fun. Hearing her perspective on new yarns and some of the business aspects of yarn reminds me of working in the shop and I LOVE that.

How about giving these guys a listen and letting me know what you think.

I'll keep you posted!


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