Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm forming a love/hate relationship with my Mac Mini.


I've been video editing episodes of Knitty Gritty that we pulled down from the hacked TiVo.

I HATE that it takes FOREVER on the Mac - granted I LOVE that it is relatively easy and the software came with the system (really LOVE the "Free"), but it truly takes FOREVER! It takes me 5 - 6 hours to capture, edit, process, and burn 3 episodes of the show. Casey can do it on the PC in about 15 minutes, but the software he has right now is freeware and it stinks up the quality so... Mac it is for now.

I HATE that there are things I cannot find and get to with the Mac menu structure. I come from a PC and programming background and am used to being able to access my core programming - not so with the Mac - it's designed NOT to crash/break, etc and therefore I'm locked out of all of those options. I do LOVE that it is easy to use and I know the kids can't mess it up when they are playing on it.

Mostly what I LOVE about my Mac Mini is that it is very small and VERY silent. In a house that is very loud, both with living and electronic noises - silent is ALWAYS welcome.

I think I'll edit more tomorrow - right now I'm tired of waiting!

I'll keep you posted!



Sherrie said...

I'm from the same PC world living with a MAC transitioning household. You CAN get at the core programming (aka command prompt) if you really want to but you would need to become familiar with *nix. OSX is very *nix like. And all those programming tools come free on your MAC (or it's install disk).

Just what you wanted....something more to learn LOL

Pixiepurls said...

You might want to try out a demo of Adobe Premier (they also have a consumer "elements" version).

I used that in art school to edit all of our video and make DVD's etc.

I've never tried to hack my tivo so your way ahead of me. how long have you been using the mac? My husband LOVES pc's and I got him to get a macbook, he was basically forced to use it full time at his nwe job and now 6 months later he said to me "man I can't even remmeber the day I didn't use this all the time and I can't imagine going back to a PC full time now".

It certainly takes adjusting. Get some of the mac hack books if you want to take advantage of the OS! There are ways!