Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Was It YOU?

Ok - I give up - who told? Which one of you told the flu police that I was feeling a tiny bit better? It must have been someone, because Saturday kicked it into high gear. If I thought I felt bad last week - whoa! Lookout weekend! Oh well - much better now - and I'm saying it right out loud - germs be damned!

I am feeling better and thanks to all of you who were on my side. I made a multidirectional scarf (Thank you Stephanie for the pattern) with the yarn my secret pal sent me (shown below) and will have a picture of it up soon.

The kids are crafting right now and I've got glue on my hands so typing is sticky!

I had a great Valentine's Day - you know aside from feeling kinda craptastic. I got a Whirley Pop - popcorn pan, etc. and an Ipod Nano - very cool! I got an email the night before that my favorite scrapbook shop is going out of business and EVERYTHING (fixtures & all) was for sale starting yesterday so I started the morning there - that was fun and we've got some neat new displays for the shop too.

I ended the evening at the 50% off sticker sale at Hobby Lobby - all in all - good day!

For those of you who might still be confused - I scrapbook too and I have an obsession with aquiring more "stuff" for scrapbooking - it's smaller and mostly cheaper than yarn (read: easier to hide). It's an insane obsession - like sock knitting - ahh I see all the little lightbulbs going off now *grin*

I hope everyone had a GREAT!!! Heart Day and I hope you ate lots of chocolate and other sugary goodness and had lots of fun. Stacie I hope your honey gets home quickly - better to celebrate late than never yes?

I'll keep you posted!



FaeryCrafty said...

I didn't tell I promise! Feel better soon :)

stephanie said...

glad you've improved a bit. BTW: which scrapbooking store? I need some acid free storage stuff for family photos and my sitter is an avid scrapper; I'd like to point her there.